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Rain Garden Design and Installation Workshop

  A free 4 hour educational workshop offered by the City of Chattanooga Water Quality Program intended for homeowners who want to learn how to design and build home rain gardens.   Click here for more information.    


Rainwater: Your Liquid Asset

A new publication, W300 “Rainwater: Your Liquid Asset – A Home Stormwater Exercise”, has recently been released by the UT Extension Service.

Effective home rainwater management can have a positive effect on your community. Through best management practices (BMPs) stormwater flow can be slowed down to allow for its infiltration into the soil and for […]

Rain Barrel Update

In case you didn’t get a chance to participate in the rain barrel workshops MGHC offered this year, don’t despair. Building a rain barrel is a relatively easy Do It Yourself job. The University of Tennessee through the Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods initiative put together a publication that provides clear instructions on building your own […]

Rain Barrel Workshops

The Master Gardeners of Hamilton County have been busy planning and presenting workshops on building rain barrels. (See the informational post on rain barrels here.) The 2-hour workshops are designed so that participants build their own rain barrel and have the knowledge to successfully install them and begin to collect rainwater.

All workshops […]

Spring Homeowner Landscaping Workshops

With Spring just around the corner, now’s the time to update your landscaping skills. Two Tennessee Yards and Neighborhood Workshops are scheduled for April and May. Each session is held over 2 evenings, each session running from 6 pm to 9 pm. The April workshop will be held April 19th and 20th, and the May […]

Rain Gardens

Example of a rain garden, reproduced with permission from the Missouri Botanical Garden.

What is a rain garden?

A rain garden is a special kind of garden designed to collect and absorb runoff storm water. This would be in an area around your home that may have a slope that after a rain would […]

Rain Barrels

capturing water greatly reduces the amount of water lost to stormwater run-off and the chemical pollutants from lawn fertilizers swept into our creeks and streams in a heavy rain. […]