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IPM (Intergrated Pest Management) Mobile Apps Avaliable

The University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture has announced the development of two Integrated Pest Management mobile apps –

IPMPro for nursery growers, landscapers, arborists, Extension agents and students IPMLite for home landscaping enthusiasts, Master Gardeners, Garden Club members, etc. IPMPro

IPMPro includes the major horticultural practices and disease and insect recommendations. It will streamline […]

Brown Marmorated Stink Bug Control

According to Tom Stebbins, UT/TSU Extension Agent for Hamilton County, we are starting to see the next insect pest invader – the Brown Marmorated Sting Bug (BMSB). His office is just starting to get reports from Chattanooga area homeowners about this member of the stink bug family.

Adults are approximately 3/4 inch long (17 mm) […]

Landscape ID Workshop

Title: Landscape ID Workshop Location: Chattanooga State Community College, Omni Building Room 126 Description: To Landscapers, Master Gardeners and Garden Nursery personnel

Here is a University of Tennessee —Workshop/Field Day you may be interested in attending. It will help you answer disease, insect, weed and turf questions that your clients or neighbors are asking. These […]

Homemade Pesticides

Did you know it’s still possible to keep your garden free from pests without toxins and harmful chemicals? Most chemical pesticides are toxic to humans as well as pets and small animals that may enter your yard or garden. That’s why homemade pesticides make a lot more sense. Many home gardeners are looking for ways […]