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9th Annual Winter Garden Seminar

Troy Marden will be the guest speaker for the 9th annual Winter Garden Seminar on January 7th at 7pm at the Chattanooga State Humanities Auditorium. Ticket/donation is only $5.00 at the door or by presale at the Ag Center.

Troy is a Tennessee Gardener Celebrity who lives in Nashville and has been doing some amazing […]

MGHC Class of 2013

The application for the Master Gardener of Hamilton County Class for 2013 is now available.

University of Tennessee Extension will begin the yearly Master Gardener Training Course in January 2013. This course offers extensive training in gardening. Classes are taught by the highest-quality, trained instructors using research-based information from the University of Tennessee.

We are […]

MGHC Hits a New High

The results are final and Master Gardeners in Hamilton County surpassed the previous five years in racking up over 16,000 volunteer service hours in 2010. (Go to this post for the 2006-2009 totals.)

In 2010, each member averaged over 104 hours of volunteer time for a total of 16,195 recorded hours. Not only did this […]

Putting A Dollar Figure on Volunteerism

Master Gardeners of Hamilton County are busy year round putting in public service hours educating the public about horticulture through workshops, demonstration gardens, sponsoring clinics, exhibiting at community programs, and working with community groups to develop gardens and use best practices. In donating their time, Master Gardeners provide great value to the area which encompasses […]

Eastern Tent Caterpillars

Sunday afternoons in late spring through summer, you can find Master Gardeners at the Chattanooga Farmer’s Market answering questions from people perplexed by insect pests, garden problems or just with a question “what is this leaf from?” Lately, a common question is – “is this caterpillar bad?” The caterpillar is often the striped and tufted […]

Food Bank Greenhouse Project Update

An outpouring of Master Gardeners, Master Gardener interns and food bank volunteers and staff showed up last Saturday ready to crank out raised beds for the new Chattanooga Area Food Bank Greenhouse. The goal was to build 20 beds, and by the end of this first day, 16 beds were completed and ready for the […]

Landscape ID Workshop

Title: Landscape ID Workshop Location: Chattanooga State Community College, Omni Building Room 126 Description: To Landscapers, Master Gardeners and Garden Nursery personnel

Here is a University of Tennessee —Workshop/Field Day you may be interested in attending. It will help you answer disease, insect, weed and turf questions that your clients or neighbors are asking. These […]

2009 Chattanooga Market Wrap Up

Our time at the Chattanooga Market is now over after 17 weeks of hopefully making a positive impact on the more than twelve hundred visitors that stopped at the Master Gardener table. They brought plastic bags with leaves and bugs, some brought branches to identify problems and asked what they were holding but mostly, […]

Who are the Hamilton County Master Gardeners?

Master Gardeners are trained volunteers that participate in the community to educate and train the public in the latest gardening information and techniques. […]