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Month-by-Month Gardening Guide: September

Groundcovers and Lawns:

After a tough summer, what do you need to do to revive that sun-scorched turf? First, take a look at your fertilization schedule. Remember that cool-season lawns need fertilizer when temperatures are cooler (i.e. spring and fall). In fact, if you can only fertilize once a year – do it in the […]

Start Your Fall Vegetables Today

Have your tomatoes and other summer crops let you down by failing to produce anything but caterpillars and dead or moldy leaves? Do you get a sad feeling when you look at your vegetable garden in its parched and sun-scorched state? It may be time to pull out your spring and summer garden and prepare […]

October’s Herb: Garlic

At the October 13 “Herbies” meeting, the topic de jour was Garlic. A multipurpose herb, garlic is a member of the Alliaceae family (herbaceous flowering perennials) and a close relative of onions, leeks, shallots and chives. The most commonly used part of this herb used for food is the bulb, which, depending on the variety, […]

Month-by-Month Gardening Guide: October

Bulbs, Corms, Roots and Rhizomes:

Summer blooming bulbs like caladiums, dahlias and gladioli are not frost hardy in Tennessee and should be dug up this month and stored until next spring. To store bulbs cut back the top growth and dig the bulbs prior to frost. Remove the dirt and lay the bulbs on paper […]