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Vegetable and Herb Gardening

Best Herbs

Tomato Problems

Special Alert: Saving Our Hemlocks from Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA) Information

The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid: A Threat to Tennessee Hemlocks

What can I do on my property?

SE Tennessee Gardening Guide

Complete Month By Month Gardening Guide

2010 UT Best Plants Report

2009 UT “Best Plants” Report

Conservation Techniques


Rain Barrels

UT Rain Barrel Publication

Rain Gardens


Garden Design

2009 Hamilton County Fair “Art in the Garden”

Raised Bed Gardening and Construction

Rock Gardens

Growing Native Plants

Starting a Red Buckeye from Seed

Environmentally & Economically Friendly Solutions

Homemade Pesticides

Homemade Fertilizers

Organic and Sustainable Gardening (from UT Website)

Organic and Sustainable Gardening Web Resources

Building Soils & Managing Soil Fertility

Soils 101: Don’t treat your soil like dirt! (PDF)

Compost for Organic Systems (PDF)

Managing Soil Fertility in Organic Systems (PDF)

Organic and Sustainable Soil Management Web Resources

Identifying & Managing Pests:

Using beneficial insects for pest management in organic systems (PDF)

Insect Control and Scouting for Organic Producers (PDF)

Pollination on Organic Farms in Tennessee (PDF)

Identifying & Managing Insects Resources (PDF)

Identifying & Managing Diseases

Soil Solarization for Control of Soilborne Diseases (And Weeds Too) (PDF)

Vegetable Disease Control for the Organic Farmer/Gardener (PDF)

Twelve Steps for Successful Soil Solarization (PDF)

Identifying & Managing Diseases Resources (PDF)

Identifying & Managing Weeds

Weed Control in Organic Systems: What would you do without herbicides? (PDF Format)

Cultivation Equipment for Organic Weed Management (PDF)

Identifying and Managing Weeds Resources (PDF)