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Rainwater: Your Liquid Asset

A new publication, W300 “Rainwater: Your Liquid Asset – A Home Stormwater Exercise”, has recently been released by the UT Extension Service.

Effective home rainwater management can have a positive effect on your community. Through best management practices (BMPs) stormwater flow can be slowed down to allow for its infiltration into the soil and for capture to reuse later in home landscapes.

“For the homeowner, there are aesthetic, financial and environmental benefits of applying stormwater BMPs. For example, stormwater can be redirected to attractive rain gardens for added curb appeal or contained in rain barrels, saving dollars and conserving water resources. These practices also can help your neighbor by reducing stormwater flow onto their property and the community by reducing waterway pollution and preventing localized flooding.”

The publication has a home stormwater mapping exercise that can help you determine the stormwater BMPs for your property.

Click here to view the publication.

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