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2013 Hamilton County Fair

We hope you enjoy the Master Gardener of Hamilton County’s ‘Treasure Your Trees’ exhibit at this year’s Hamilton County Fair.

Below are links to information about ‘Treasure Your Trees’ topics.

To see photos from the Exhibit, scroll to the bottom of this page.


Question & Answer

How to Become a Master Gardener – 2014 Class Information – Hamilton County

Tennessee Master Gardeners – All About the Master Gardener Program

University of Tennessee Extension Publications Home Page – All Publications

University of Tennessee Gardens – Home Page

Proper Pruning

Best Management Practices for Pruning Landscape Trees, Shrubs and Ground Covers – A 15-page explanation of pruning, tools, charts of common plants and when to prune by the UT Extension Service

How to Prune Trees – US Forestry Service brochure

Pruning Trees and Shrubs – An 11-page explanation, including tool selection, by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service

9 Tree Care Tips & Techniques -Important information on Pruning, Selection, Watering, and much more from the Arbor Day Foundation

Pruning Crape Myrtles –

Stop ‘Crape Murder’!

Crape Myrtle Questions – The United States National Arboretum

Tree Health & Disease

Forest Insects, Pests, Diseases and Weeds – UT Extension publications

Emerald Ash Borer – Department of Agriculture

Insecticide Options for Protecting Ash Trees from Emerald Ash Borer – How the EAB can be managed successfully with insecticides

Why is my Oak Tree Losing its Bark – Some possible explanations to consider

Thousand Cankers Disease on Walnut Trees – Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Center brochure

Mulching Do’s & Don’ts

The Importance of Mulching/Tree Care Tips – Arbor Day Foundation

Landscape Mulch 101 – Soil pH and Selecting the Proper Mulch

Mulch Selection Guide – Mulch & Soil Council

Mulch Calculator – How much do you need?


Tennessee Valley Bonsai Society – Local group that promotes knowledge, interest, education, and the enjoyment of bonsai

Bonsai Learning Center – Useful information on a wide variety of bonsai topics

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