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The Great Garden Detective Adventure Curriculum

The Great Garden Detective Adventure is a standards-based gardening nutrition curriculum designed for 3rd and 4th grade children.

The Great Garden Detective Adventure Curriculum is a program that may be very useful for Master Gardeners working with children’s groups. There are lesson plans, activities, posters, printable pictures, etc. for working with preschool and elementary kids. There is also a nice certificate of completion.

“Discover what fruits and vegetables are sweetest, crunchiest, and juiciest through a series of investigations and fun experiences connecting the school garden to the classroom, school cafeteria, and home. This eleven-lesson curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades includes bulletin board materials, veggie dice, fruit and vegetable flash cards, and ten issues of Garden Detective News for parents/caregivers.

Print Availability: Elementary schools participating in the National School Lunch Program or other Child Nutrition program may request a free print copy of the curriculum. The curriculum comes with 35 of each of the 10 parent newsletters. Additional newsletters may also be requested.” (USDA Team Nutrition)

The Teacher’s Guide, Curriculum Tools, and Newsletters can be downloaded at USDA Team Nutrition website. Free printed materials are available to only to schools and child care centers that participate in the Federal Child Nutrition Programs.

The Great Garden Detective Adventure Curriculum may be used by anyone; it is downloadable so it is affordable for most groups. You could use it in conjunction with the Junior Master Gardener materials, community garden programs, Lots of possibilities…

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