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Fall Activities at the Chattanooga Arboretum

There are several special Educational and Volunteer activites at the Chattanooga Arboretum and Nature Center this fall.

  • A three-day Tree Identification Workshop will be held November 6-8 from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm. Spend each day immersed in acres of trees, while walking the trails with experts in botany, history, ecology and the arts. Learn simple strategies for identifying trees. Discover the role of trees throughout the history of the Tennessee Valley, how we can better conserve them, and how to care for them in our own yards. This will include 2 books, 3 lunches, snacks and coffee – all for $150. Proceeds will go to the support of the Arboretum. Presenters will include Dennis Bishop, Arboretum Curator, Gene Hyde, Chattanooga City Forester, and Jon Nessle, Certified Arborist. Hurry to sign up. For more information go to
    Tree ID 101.
  • Arboretum Level IV Recertification – The Chattanooga Arboretum is certified as a Level IV Arboretum under the Tennessee Arboretum Certification Program. They are currently working on obtaining the five-year recertification and need 20 volunteers to install new ID labels for the 150 trees in the Arboretum at Reflection Riding. For more information about the Recertification Program, visit Arboretum Certification.
  • Humphrey House Cottage Garden – Volunteers are needed on Wednesdays from 9 am to noon to establish and maintain a cottage garden.
  • Siren Pool Renovations – Volunteers are needed on Tuesday mornings to remove invasives this Fall and to install new plantings in Spring.

To sign up for any of these, contact Dennis Bishop, Arboretum Curator at dbishop@chattanature.org

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