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Fiskars Project Orange Thumb

Fiskars is ‘Sowing the Seeds of Community Change’ through their Project Orange Thumb.

Fiskars, a leader in the lawn and garden industry, believes in contributing to the growing community garden effort and all it represents —

  • Creative expression
  • Beautiful outdoor spaces
  • Civic and community collaboration
  • Healthy hand-grown food and sustainable living

Through this project, Fiskars has provided over $1.3 million to 125 community groups and helped to complete nine community garden makeovers in the U.S. and Canada.

Fiskars will award 10 applicants $5,000 in cash and tools to help support their goals of neighborhood beautification and horticulture education. One applicant will receive a garden makeover. For more information about their grants and garden makeovers or apply for your own grant or makeover, visit the Project Orange Thumb website. The application submission deadline is Saturday, December 15, 2012.

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