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Gardening with Useful Native Plants Presentation on December 5

The Southern Appalachian region is, next to Southern China, the most botanically rich region on earth. Most of the plants growing around us have been used as food and medicine for hundreds or thousands of years. Some of our native plants risk being overharvested because the global demand for them exceeds the supply. Join Holli Richey, MS, MSW, MAT at 6:00 PM  Monday, December 5 at Green|Spaces to learn about the medicinal properties of plants native to this region and how you can “garden with a mission” by incorporating them into your yard and garden for both personal use and conservation.

Holli Richey is a clinical herbalist, counselor and teacher who practices with an integrative approach to mind-body-spirit healing.  Holli’s philosophy of healing is that our body is wise, and our symptoms are our teacher. Through listening to our symptoms—whether they seem to be speaking from the mind, body or spirit—we gain awareness of our patterned approach to life, and discover new ways in which to shift toward wholeness.

This is a regular monthly meeting of the Chattanooga Native Plant and Wildflower Group, a special interest group of the Master Gardeners of Hamilton County.  Educational presentations count as continuing education units.


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