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2012 Officers and Directors Nominations

The  nominating committee wishes to present the 2011 slate of nominees to the Master Gardener at this October members meeting of October 20th, 2011.

The election of officers will then be held at the next regular meeting on November 17th, 2011.  At that time, if there are others who might be interested in holding an elected office, nominations from the floor will be accepted.

The candidates who have volunteered to Board members are:

President,  Carol Mathews

Vice President: Lisa Clark

Secretary: Barbara Blankenship

Treasurer: Peggy Dyer

Certification Officer: Gretchen Rominger

Co-Certification Officer (in training)—Libby Hoffman

Newsletter Editor: Lucy Brandt

2 Year Board of Governors: Freeman Powell, Libby Hickman, and Sandy Bunting

1 Year Board of Governors: Katie Bishop, Florio Giolli and Clyde Mathews

A description of each of these offices is presented on page 24, of the 2010 MGHC Directory, Article VIII, “Board Members and Officers Duties.”  It is necessary that an officer be an active member who attends regular meetings and has completed the required community yearly service hours.

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