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Rain Barrel Update

In case you didn’t get a chance to participate in the rain barrel workshops MGHC offered this year, don’t despair. Building a rain barrel is a relatively easy Do It Yourself job. The University of Tennessee through the Tennessee Yards and Neighborhoods initiative put together a publication that provides clear instructions on building your own rain barrel. You can access the information here.

One challenge for DIY’ers is finding an appropriate rain barrel.  The ideal barrel is thick walled plastic or other non-reactive material that will hold water.  It is important to find containers that held non-toxic or non-corrosive materials.  For example, look for barrels that held food products or gentle cleaning products like shampoo.  And always rinse your barrel before using.  You can check the classified ads in the paper or Craig’s list; be sure to ask how the barrel was used in its previous life.


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