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Citizen Forester Launch Party

Title: Citizen Forester Launch Party
Location: The Crash Pad – 29 Johnson Street
Link out: Click here for a brochure
Description: Trees leave a meaningful legacy, and there are hundreds of legacy trees in and around the city of Chattanooga. These trees represent the individual and collective actions of citizens devoted to bolstering the city’s scenic beauty and improving its environmental health through tree planting. During the Citizen Forester Launch Party, we want to honor the Citizen Foresters of the past and present while promoting and building the Citizen Foresters of the future.

Take Root

Take Root was launched in 2007 by a small but motivated group of local citizens.  The goal of this initiative is simple: to plant more trees in downtown Chattanooga, fortifying the city’s public spaces with environmental health and scenic beauty. Having planted over 1400 trees in just three years, Take Root is bolstering Chatta­nooga’s urban tree canopy. This effort has catalyzed environmental action from dozens of individuals and created broad-scale engage­ment among hundreds of others.

Citizen Forester

Take Root: Citizen Forester will engage an increasingly diverse group of citizens in self-motivated environmental education and activity “rooted” in and around trees. Citizen Forester will increase awareness of the fundamental role that trees play in the local envi­ronment and provide citizens with hands-on training in tree planting and care. In addition, citizen forest­ers will receive two free trees to plant, grow, and sustain. Citizen Forester enables individuals to become knowledgeable stewards of their personal tree canopies, the trees that surround, shade, and beautify their yards and homes.

The Crash Pad

The Crash Pad is Chattanooga’s newest hostel whose mission is to further establish Chattanooga as an ultimate outdoor destination by providing a base camp and community hub for adventurous travelers.  It is an uncommon hostel in the heart of downtown, combining the affordability and camaraderie of a traditional hostel with the charm and cleanliness of a boutique hotel.

Start Time: 17:30
Date: 2011-07-14

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