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BudSprout Program Kicks Off

The new BudSprout Program started off April 21 with an informational session for certified Master Gardeners interested in working with graduating interns to welcome and orient them into the MGHC.   This voluntary program is based on the Tennessee Master Gardener program by the same name.

The program’s goal is for the sponsors – “Buds” — to help their intern “Sprouts” become actively involved in MGHC and certified after graduation in April.  The program is designed to be an extension of the Mentoring Program that starts in January through graduation in April.   Mentors are encouraged to continue working with interns as Buds.

The BudSprout Committee has been busy behind the scenes signing up interested Sprouts, getting information about their interests and matching them with Buds who will be well-suited to guide them through their first year.  The training session for Buds to provide an orientation to the program and helpful guidelines.

For more information, please go to this page.

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