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UT Sprouting Growers Workshop Series

Are you thinking about becoming a grower? SproUTing Growers is a 6-part workshop series to provide potential growers with the business planning and management, vegetable and small fruit planning and production and direct marketing skills that they need to properly plan and carryout a farming venture.

Workshops will be hands-on and several will take place at the UT Organic Crops Unit in Knoxville.  Registration is $50 per person for all 6 workshops prior to Feb. 21 or $10 per person for individual workshops thereafter. Click here to view the SproUTing Growers brochure for more information on how to register by mail or online.

Parking – For workshops taking place on campus, participants must be pre-registered to ensure that we can get you a parking pass in advance for Lot 66 on the Agriculture campus (make sure you display your visitor parking permit in your windshield!). Parking at the Organic Crops Unit on Government Farm Rd. will be plentiful and parking permits will not be needed.

Business Planning – February 28

Production Planning – March 28

Transplant Production – April 25

Marketing Strategies – May 23

Market Gardening Planting & Maintenance – June 27

Harvest & Handling – July 25

Please contact Heather Toler at (865) 974-7429 or htoler@utk.edu for more information.  Also, contact Heather if you would like to sign up to receive email reminders and updates about the workshop series each month.

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