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Rare Plant Research Presentation

The Chattanooga Native Plant and Wildflower Group will be learning about Rare Plant Research in the Chattanooga area from UTC Assistant Professor Joey Shaw at the February 7 meeting.

Doctor Shaw’s lab group has studied rare plant species of eastern Tennessee like American Chestnut, Fremont’s Leatherflower, Mountain Skullcap, and several others.   Tennessee is a floristically rich state because it runs east/west through many physiographic provinces (e.g., Unaka Mountains, Ridge and Valley, and Cumberland Plateau) that are oriented from the northeast to the southwest in eastern North America.  Because of this physiographic diversity, Tennessee contains 2,439 native plant species, which is greater than any other landlocked eastern state.  The Tennessee Natural Heritage Program recognizes 490 plant species as rare in Tennessee and there are 16 federally listed and 332 state listed rare plant species in eastern Tennessee.

The meeting will be held in the Chattanooga Area Food Bank conference room and will begin at 6 pm sharp.

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