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MGHC Hits a New High

The results are final and Master Gardeners in Hamilton County surpassed the previous five years in racking up over 16,000 volunteer service hours in 2010. (Go to this post for the 2006-2009 totals.)

In 2010, each member averaged over 104 hours of volunteer time for a total of 16,195 recorded hours.  Not only did this total exceed the total for 2009, but is the highest level in the state, outpacing the three largest county organizations (Davidson, Shelby and Knox counties).  In dollar terms, MGHC contributed over $356,290 in volunteer time to Hamilton County and the surrounding area.

Master Gardeners also spent time learning more about horticulture, plant sciences, and best gardening practices to help maintain and expand their knowledge base.  In addition to the 16,195 volunteer hours, Master Gardeners spent over 2,000 hours obtaining continuing education in 2010.

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