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CAFB Demonstration Garden Workday

Title: CAFB Demonstration Garden Workday

Location: Evelyn Davenport Navarre Demonstration Garden – CAFB

Jane Mauldin and I would like to thank everyone that made it to the rain soaked workday this last Wednesday.  The new Rain Garden looks and performs as beautifully as it was designed too.  The Ladies work group was able to beautify the Rain Garden by adding over 125 new spring bulbs as well as many new plantings of Switch Grass and Ditch Lilies. The Guys group was able to assemble a new larger and more attractive Compost bin with lattice items donated after the Fair and shredding all the materials left over from this summer’s crop which will become some excellent soil amendment very soon.

We have set up another Work day for Wednesday, November 11 starting at 9:00 to place a truckload of mulch that Jerry Mauldin was able to have delivered by the city of Chattanooga, to plant some new items that have been donated and level up the grating at the garden entry. We will have a tractor to move most of the mulch in place and an auger to dig the planting holes. So pack up your tools and join us if you can, Jane will provide us with a nice lunch at noon. The raised beds are filled with winter crops and the whole project looks wonderful and is creating a great deal of attention so please join us if you can. Let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you, Bud Hines

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