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TMG Regional Alliance Meeting

Title: TMG Regional Alliance Meeting
Location: UTK Campus, Plant Sciences
Description: To all Master Gardeners and County Agents,

Knox County Master Gardener will be hosting this year’s Regional Alliance Meeting on June 26th at the U.T. Campus on Blooms Day.  This is a perfect time to host this event since a lot of Master Gardeners love to visit the Gardens and it makes for a very fun day.

This meeting is a forum to present information, concerns, and provide feedback on your county programs to better the state program.  Please join us for a breakfast sponsored by the Knox County Master Gardeners at 9:00 am. June 26th, before Blooms Days at the UT Gardens.

Please wear your Master Gardener name badge and bring other members of your executive board so that we can get to know each other network our projects and share ideas.

The meeting will be held early so your County Master Gardener leadership can enjoy the day with the group.

Start Time: 09:00
Date: 2010-06-26

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