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Forest Landowner Workshop

UT Extension has received a USDA grant to conduct absentee landowner meetings and this program represents the first workshop in our area. The goal of this program is help landowners to be more informed about the management options for their property and they will know who to ask when they have specific questions or seek advice.  Learning objectives include how to obtain information and professional assistance, how to keep trees and forest healthy, property ownership liabilities, developing a forest management plan, planning future ownership (estate planning) and controlling invasive species.  You can download a brochure here.

Who should attend:  Landowners and person who own or are considering forest land ownership

When and Where: Saturday, March 20 from 8:30 am to 2:00pm ET at the Chester Frost Park, 2318 North Gold Point Circle in Hixson, TN

Registration and for more information: Register for the workshop with the Hamilton County UT Extension office at 423-855-6113.The cost is $10.00 which includes lunch and workshop materials. The workshop is sponsored by UT Extension and the TN Division of Forestry.

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