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2010 Proper Tree Care Seminar

Join us January 11 for an evening with Dr. Douglas Airhart, Tennessee Technical University Professor of Horticulture.  Dr. Airhart will cover best practices for planting, mulching, pruning and caring for your trees.  The seminar will be held at Chattanooga State Community College Humanities Theatre and will start promptly at 7 pm.  This event is also a fundraiser for the Chattanooga Area Food Bank.  Tickets are limited, so be sure to get your ticket in advance of this seminar.

Dr. Airhart is a Professor of Horticulture and Certified Arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture.  He is a registered Proctor and Tree Worker Evaluator and has written many articles and presented professional seminars and workshops on arboriculture.  He is also a member of the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council.  See his great web page on trees at http://www.tlcfortrees.info/home.htm.

Tickets are available at the Hamilton County Extension Office, 6183 Adamson Circle.  Call 423-855-6113 for more information.  A flyer can be downloaded here.

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