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2009 Chattanooga Market Wrap Up

Our time at the Chattanooga Market is now over after 17 weeks of hopefully making a positive impact on the more than twelve hundred visitors that stopped at the Master Gardener table. They brought plastic bags with leaves and bugs, some brought branches to identify problems and asked what they were holding but mostly, they needed answers to their gardening problems.

Having the table full of brochures and pamphlets was extremely helpful because of having a visual item is easier to show the how to’s and what not to do’s.  Other vendors at the Market got used to answering the question of “where are the Master Gardeners located” which reconfirmed the thought that we were making an impact.

We met Master Gardeners from many far places, we exchanged ideas and some of them are exchanging newsletters with Jerry, our newsletter editor.  Master Gardeners all over our country are enthusiastic and share many of the same gardening problems as we do.  We also had visitors from California, Illinois, Nebraska (yup, they have Master Gardeners too) Alabama along with Mexico and Canada.

I especially want to that a few people who helped at the table for many weeks, sharing our knowledge with the visitors and with each other. I thank them so much. They are:

Gayle Smith, an intern who got most of her 40 hours done with us (certified)

Tom and Nancy Anderson

Clyde and Carol Mathews

Tish Barlow

Cathy Jones

Mike Payne

Others who helped:

Tawnya Fogerty,  Deb Beaty, Vic Scouten,  Gretchen Rominger, Jane Elmore, Melissa Wehman, Lynn Wilson, Jean Anglin,  Edna Cason,  Anna Dennett and Tina Fiorito.

And I sincerely want to thank Jerry Smolinski, my dear Husband who hauled the heavy info bin and rain barrel each week.  Such a great partner.

Donna Smolinski

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