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2009 County Fair “Art in the Garden”

Each year, the Master Gardeners create a themed garden for the County Fair.  Our goal is to teach the visitors about good gardening practices with hands on teaching and demonstrations on how to do better gardens and help to protect our environment.

This year the theme was “Art in the Garden” where we created 6 totally different types of gardens. There was a Fairy and Glass Garden where we used recycled glass items to build beautiful glass items like birdbaths and glass totems.

A Children’s Garden had a vegetable dig to teach the kids where some vegetables come from, along with a giant bubble blower just to make them smile.

Container gardening is the easiest for apartment dwellers and people who are unable to get down on their knees. This garden had everything from herbs, vegetables and beautiful flowers.

Funky Garden? This was full of odd looking tropical plants and bushes along with a bottle tree made from rebar and empty blue wine bottles. The colors were all neons and bright.

Everyone loves a Cottage Garden that is full of crafty, recycled items, potting benches full of classic plants and roses. It takes us back to olden times where we reused all of our old furniture and garden tools.

But the garden that was the most popular was the Formal Garden.  Lush with plants and trees, fountains and statuary, and places to rest with a book and a glass of wine made everyone stop and rest their eyes upon its beauty.

Thousands of visitors enjoyed these gardens and hopefully will have taken home at least an idea or two of what they can do when they let their imagination go free and make their gardens their own.

Donna Smolinski

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