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Beyond Sprinklers and Hoses


Plan and Design. Determine North, South, East and West. Note sunny spots· and low or sloped areas. Use existing vegetation not to be removed. Determine use of the space such as dining, sitting or recreation. Eliminate sharp angles as they are harder to maintain and irrigate.

Reduce grassy areas.  Increase hardscapes such as patios and decks.

Use Native plants.  Use grasses such as Buffalo and Blue Gamma.

Create healthy soils. Get a soil test. Compost and amend soil and till.

Use mulch.  Mulch reduces weeds, amends the soil and saves water usage.

Irrigate efficiently.  Water deep and less frequently.

Harvest rainwater.  Route downspouts to beds and use rain barrels and tanks.

Maintain the garden.  Use organic materials when possible to create a balanced healthy garden. Pollution free provides for wildlife habitats and less mower exhaust is better for the environment.

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