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Have a Gardening Question?

The Master Gardener Hotline operates from 10 am to Noon on Mondays and Wednesdays.  Master Gardeners answer the phone and help people with their gardening questions. If you have a gardening question, our

Hotline Number is 423-855-6113

Use the form at the bottom of this page to submit a question to us via email.

If you have leaf damage or questions about bugs, a knowledgeable Ext. agent will take a look at your sample microscopically for $12. And provide you with recommendations for control.

Soil Test kits are also available at the UT Extension office. You can bring or mail samples to the UT Extension office for a basic soil test. The test costs $15 and is sent to Nashville for analysis.

UT Extension – Hamilton County
6183 Adamson Circle
Chattanooga. TN 37416

Gardening questions are welcome.

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